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Atlantic Turnout 50 g - Navy

Atlantic Turnout is the perfect outside rug from Bucas!

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Atlantic Turnout is the perfect outside rug from Bucas!

Atlantic is an outdoor rug from Bucas, which has been developed in earlier versions of the well-known Smartex horse rug. This is a 50 gr thick rug that can be used spring and autumn or over the stable rug in the winter.

Atlantic turnout has a slightly softer but very durable outer material and an inside of smooth nylon. The inside of this outdoor rug has a Stay-Dry feature that allows you to put on the horse rug even before the horse is completely dry.

Bucas are well-known to have a very good fit on their horse-rugs while at the same time durable.

Color: Navy

Waterproof and breathable Available with 50g, 200g or 400g filling Ballistic nylon with interlocking outer fabric Dermo-Care Lining.

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