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WorkingDog Max Relax Plus

Max Relax is for your dog to calm down with a balanced mind!
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Max Relax is for your dog to calm down with a balanced mind!

Max Relax contains Tryptophan from which the dog's body substance serotonin and melatonin are formed. Dogs with low levels of serotonin may exhibit anxious, stressed and impulsive behavior.

Max Relax is given in order to improve the dog's ability to relax and handle stressful situations. Can be given preventively before an expected reaction or during a period in connection with therapeutic training.

For dogs that show anxious or stressed behavior.
For dogs that show concern in connection with separation.
For dogs that exhibit a passive or closed behavior.
For dogs receiving a diet without tryptophan supplementation.

2.5 ml pepper 10 kg body weight.
Mix with the feed.

450 gr.

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