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Fleece sweaters & softshell jackets

Here you can buy fleece sweaters and softshell garments from the established brands such as Kingsland, Ariat, Euro-Star, Pikeur and many more. Riding clothes today are so nice that you can use them even privately. As the equestrian fashion has evolved, function and style are often higher than many other brands.

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Andromeda Fleece 2.0 - Black
Andromeda Fleece 2.0 - Forest
KLgionna ladies fleece - Navy
KLgionna ladies fleece - Green Ponderros

A comfortable fleece sweater is useable all year round

Benicia Sweatshirt - Quail
Benicia Sweatshirt - Burnt Brick
KLellen Fleece - Grey Forged
Ebesse Softshell - Liquirizia
KLbirdie Microfleece - Beige Dove
KLbirdie Microfleece - Green Castor
Misty Light Fleece - Brown
Grönt val

Misty Light Fleece - Brown

Stierna Equestrian Sports


Are you looking for the perfect fleece jacket?

This one from Kingsland is both stylish and comfortable

Misty Light Fleece - Navy
Grönt val

Misty Light Fleece - Navy

Stierna Equestrian Sports

Velvet Fleece Jacket - Caviar
KLsina Microfleece Jacka - GBI
Andromeda Fleece Jacket - Walnut
Grönt val

Andromeda Fleece Jacket - Walnut

Stierna Equestrian Sports

Team Logo Zip Sweatshirt Junior
KLsana Shepard Pullover - GBI
KLsana Shepard Pullover - Marin
Lola Fleece - Ivy Green
Tek Team Fleece - Navy
Classic Fleece Ladies Jacket - Svart
Caiec Softshell Jacket - Blue
Junior Tek Team - Navy

Lightweight Fleece Jacket

Cavalleria Toscana


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