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OneK Chamude - Own Design

Design your own riding helmet from OneK in the chamude model!

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3-4 weeks

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Design your own riding helmet from OneK in the chamude model!
OneK has made it possible for you to design your helmet the way you want it. Choose from the various options available and find a helmet that really suits you. Once you have chosen what you want your riding helmet to look like, you will receive an approximate price for what the helmet will cost. 

OneK Chamude is a riding helmet with a classic and stylish look. The helmet is an affordable functional riding helmet that is suitable for both dressage and jumping. It provides the perfect balance between advanced technology ad aesthetically pleasing design. This riding helmet has valves on the front, back and side. The liner that belongs to the OneK helmet also has a quick-drying, moisture-transporting, anti-microbail lining that can be easily removed and washed. With a choice of three outer shells (0, 1 and 2), the size of the helmet is adjusted with the removable liner. 

When you recive the helmet you have ordered, you will assemble your options yourself based on clear instructions. This gives you the opportunity to change the look of the helmet whenever you want, e.g. to switch look between training and competition. 

Approved according to VG01 and EN1382-2017

To find your size: Measure with a tape measure about 1 cm above the ears around the head. The numbers of centimeters is then the size of your riding helmet. See the size chart below to find your exact size.

Size chart:

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