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Sportz-Vibe Wireless Massage Rug

Sportz-vibe is a completely wireless controlled massage rug from Horseware!

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Sportz-vibe is a completely wireless controlled massage rug from Horseware!
  • Super breathable polyetser net outer to prevent overheating with detachable hood. The rug is adjustable milti sizing front and has elasticated surcingles and elasticated tail string. 
  • The latest wireless technology, allowing for a single remote to wireless control the integrated massage panels. 
  • Four treatment panels come with the rug as standard, with the option to buy more panels. 
  • The ability to simutaneously treat a maximum of six locations at one time. 
  • Built in battery with a bettery life indicator in each panel.
  • Easy access to panels by the panel pockets which are located on the outside of the rug. 
  • 15 different pocket locations, for a wide range of treatment areas on the horse, including the neck, shoulder, back and hind end.
  • Three different freuency settings, gently, moderate and a combination of gentle and moderate setting, allowing you to customixe the massage based on your specific horse's needs. 
  • Lightweight mesh rug material, allows for ulitimate comfort to the horse, ensuring that the horse does not over heat during the massage treatment. 
  • Adjustable sizing to offer three different sizes in one rug, allowing for a secure fit depending on each horse's build.
How it works: 

Massage therapy is one of the oldest known methods of therapy and is renowned for its ability to promote healing. Massage can help to reduce stiffness and soreness and support blood supply to muscles. 

Sportz-Vibe's massage action is gentle enough that it won't over work your horse's musclues but will help to reduce muscle tension. The massage panels are removable which allow you to target specific areas. 

  • Improves blood supply to muscles.
  • Reduces stiffness and soreness. 
  • Supports healing.

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