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Ocean Disinfektion - 1 liter

Effective disinfection from Ocean
Amount: 1 L
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Effective disinfection from Ocean
The disinfection solution from Ocean is a surface disinfection with full effect on bacteria, viruses and spores. Ocean disinfection is perfect to use as disinfection and cleaning of all surfaces in the stable, in your transport, horse bus, dog kennels. Ocean disinfection is already pre-mixed and ready to use, it is not harmful to you who use it, neither for the nature. 1 liter is enough for approx. 25 sq m.


1. Clean away visible dirt, for example rinse with warm water.
2. Pour a generous amount of Ocean with a clean cloth, then wipe of. You can also spray all over the surface.
3. Let sit and act for 5 mins (if necessary, you can rinse and then wipe the surface, for example on stainless steel, leather or the riding helmet.)

Size: 1 Liter