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Bucas manufactures smart horse blankets with good function at reasonable prices. Bucas blankets are durable with a good fit and high quality, in a number of blankets Bucas also has the popular "Stay-dry lining" which allows you to put on a blanket even if the horse is still a little sweaty. Bucas is an innovative company that was the first with the Zebra quilt and now has also received the Spogas Innovations award for its EKO friendly Green-Line turnout quilt which is made of PET bottles and recycled fibers. Bucas horse blankets are known to last a long time and are therefore also popular with the cost-conscious horse owner.
You will find a large number of Bucas blankets online or in our store in Drottningholm.

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Freedom Stable 150 gr - Navy
Freedom Turnout 150 F/N - Navy
Bucas Quilt 150 SF Big neck - Navy
Buzz-Off Zebra Rain & Neck från Bucas
Flugtäcke Buzz-off & Neck - Zebra från Bucas
Freedom Fly Sheet FN - Silver från Bucas
Freedom Stable 150 gr - Cherry
Sweet-Itch Zebra

Sweet-Itch Zebra


Extender Click n´go Magnetic
Bucas Quilt 150 SF

Bucas Quilt 150 SF


Bucas Repair Kit

Bucas has a range of horse blankets that are a must every summer.

Freedom Turnout Light F/N - Marin
Irish Turnout Light - Black
Freedom Turnout Light F/N - Graphite
Green Line Combi Neck
Green Light Turnout 100 gr

Therapy Mesh Cooler


Chest extender T-hook - Black
Rug chest extender - Black
Bucas Therapy Turnout Neck - 0 gr
Bucas Therapy Turnout - 0 gr
Bucas Therapy Turnout - 150gr
Bucas Therapy Cooler Neck
Silvergrått flugtäcke med hals modell Buzz-Off från Bucas Hogsta Ridsport.
Silvergrått sommartäcke med hals modell Sweet Itch från Bucas Hogsta Ridsport.
Marin-orange textilgrimma från Bucas Hogsta Ridsport.

Stable blanket with good fit and quality.

Bucas Quilt

Silverblå textilgrimma från Bucas Hogsta Ridsport.
Power Cooler - Black
Bucas Tail Protector/Bag - Blue
Irish Turnout light - Navy

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