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The Irish brand Dubarry was founded in 1937 and manufactures leather shoes of the finest quality. The name Dubarry was taken from a well-known French courtesan named Madame du Barry (1743-1793). She was Louis XV's mistress after Madame de Pompadour's death, from 1769 to 1774. With this name the brand wanted to stand out from their competitors in Ireland and create a brand name that was internationally acceptable.
More and more people are discovering the incredible quality of Dubarry's well-made boots and shoes. The most striking thing about Dubarry's well-made products is the quality of all materials where the Galway and Roscommon shoes have become the classics with their stylish look, waterproofness and comfort. Throughout its production, Dubarry shows that it is a real outdoor brand with strong roots in Irish culture. Dubarry today is not "just" shoes and boots, now there are down jackets, knitted sweaters and fantastic knee-high socks in alpaca wool, all in a very classic style.
Hogsta Ridsport has a carefully selected range from Dubarry, which can be purchased online or in the store on Drottningholm.

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Dubarry Galway - Hogsta Ridsport

Dubarry Galway

Dubarry Shoes

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Dubarry Shoes


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