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Mattes manufactures and supplies fantastic fine sheepskin products for horses. In our store we have chosen to have Matte's amazing sheepskin saddle pads and correction pads. Sheepskins are used for pressure equalization and to prevent damage, therefore, EA Matte's products fit all year round.

You might think that sheepskin gets hot in the summer, but thanks to the structure of the sheepskin, it becomes like an air cushion that counteracts overheating until the sheepskin gets wet, which is rarely achieved. Have you ever seen a collie (or a sheep) swim, then you understand. On the surface, the coat gets wet but in principle never all the way to the skin. The same applies to sheepskin that has the quality and length as the EA Matte's sheepskin products.

All sheepskin from EA Mattes is produced in an ethical and sustainable way where all government requirements and animal husbandry requirements are well met.

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Fårskinnspad utan kant från EA Mattes
Polo Bandage - Burgundy
Flughuva Vit Strass

What color suits your horse?

EA Mattes has almost every color.

Sheepskin All-Purpose saddle pad - Gray
Fårskinnsschabrak dressyr - grå/marin
Fårskinnsschabrak dressyr - marin/grå
Dog bed - Febe

Dog bed - Febe

EA Mattes

Sadel Pad Without Edge PMS - M - B/N

A comfortable dog bed with sheepskin quickly becomes a favorite of your dog.

EA Mattes has the perfect one!

Sheepskin Saddle Pad DR - Black
Dog Bed - Brown/Honey

Dog Bed - Brown/Honey

EA Mattes

Sheepskin correction pad PMS - Black/Gray
Fårskinnsgrimma - Svart

Sheepskin Halter - Black

EA Mattes

Mattes pad Grå quilt Svart skinn
gront ea mattesschabrak med logo

Counteracts chafing and is also fantastically good-looking, the halter from EA Mattes.

Sheepskin Half Pad PMS Jumping - Natural
EA Mattes Sheepskin Dressage Saddle Pad - Black/Honey Logo
Correction Half pad for Jumping saddle
Half pad without edge PMS - M - B/B
Correction Half pad for Jumping saddle
Correction Half pad for Jumping saddle
Sheepskin Saddle Pad DR - Burgundy/Black
Sheepskin halter & Rope - Walnut
Sheepskin halter & Rope - Grey
Grooming mitten

Grooming mitten

EA Mattes

Sheepskin Saddle Pad DR - Brown/White
Martingale Cover - 40cm
Brun nackpad i fårskinn från Mattes Hogsta Ridsport.
Sheepskin Saddle Pad DR - Orange/Gray

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