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Finesse Bridles

Finesse Double Bridle Noseband - Black

Only the noseband to a Finesse Double Bridle in Black.

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Only the noseband to a Finesse Double Bridle in Black.

Finesse noseband is a delicate noseband, choose between plain or round sewn leather. 

Color: Black/Black

Only fits the Finesse bridles and double bridles. 

The names behind Finesse Bridles
A study conducted by two veterinary students and Dr. Adrian Harrison on 12 Icelandic horses showed that all horses got a significantly better movement through the whole body with Finesse's unique crown piece compared to a "regular" bridle. This means that the horse is not exposed to the same muscle overload as with a "regular" bridle. Though, it is not just the horse's neck and throat which is positively affected by this crown piece, also Splenius & Brachiocephalius (which are the two myofascial lines that have a great influence on the entiere horse's movements, from the neck down to the hind legs.) A more detailed report on the subject made by the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen is available.