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Horseware is a really affordable classic horse rugs that works on most horses, holds high quality and has a good fit for many. At us at Hogsta Ridsport you can buy your horse rugs from Horseware at the shop at Drottningholm or online here.

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Amigo Ripstop Transportskydd
Dry Liner

Dry Liner - Navy


Rambo Dog Dry Rug

Rambo Dog Dry Rug


Eco Liner 100g - Teal

Eco Liner 100g - Teal



Horseware makes smart and innovative details on their rugs that make them something extra when it comes to fit and quality

Rambo Supreme Hood 50g - Navy
Rambo Supreme T/O Lite 50g - Marin
Rambo Orig T/O Lite L/A 0g
Horseware Liner Marin - 200 gr
Rhino Plus HexSTOP - Grey/Indig
HW 3 års garanti
Horseware Eco Liner - Teal - 200 gr
Rambo Supreme Hood - Navy/Burg - 150g
HW 3 års garanti
Rambo Optimo Liner - 200 gr
Rambo Duo Hood 100 gr - Navy
HW 3 års garanti
Amigo Hero Ripstop 200g - Fig/Silver
Amigo AmEco 12 Plus 250g - Dark Blue
Rambo Autumn Series - Navy/Grey
Amigo Hero ACY 0g - Horseware
Amigo Hero Ripstop 100g - Fig
Amigo Hero Ripstop Hood 0g - Delphinium
Rambo Optimo T/O Outer Only - Navy/Burg
HW 3 års garanti
Rambo Ionic stalltäcke - 200g
Mio T/O Medium - Dark Blue
Rambo Duo Force - 100+100+300
HW 3 års garanti
Rhino Plus Refl 250gr - Navy/Indigo
HW 3 års garanti
Amigo Walker Rug 100 gr - Marin
Field safe grimma från Horseware
Hals Rambo Supreme turnout täcke 0 gr marinblått Horseware
HW 3 års garanti
Utetäcke Amigo Plant-Dye från Horseware

Amigo Plant-Dye 50gr


Rambo Supreme turnout täcke 0 gr marinblått Horseware
HW 3 års garanti
Rambo Optimo Stable - Navy/200g
Amigo Bravo 12 Plus - Navy
Rambo Summer Series DF - Grey/Burgundy
Rambo Summer Series DF - Marin
Amigo 3-in-1 CamoFly - Grå/Orange
Amigo CamoFly - Grå/Orange

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