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Very reputable Keratex has worked with products in the horse's hoof care since 1990 and has, with the help of farriers and veterinarians, developed a product segment that focuses on the horse's hooves and the problems that may exist.
Dr John Irving MBE, PhD, Fraes founded the business through his first product Hoof Hardener, in Wiltshire, UK. Hoof Hardern from Keratex was patented and has been their flagship ever since. The products from Keratex have been expanded gradually and today there are products that focus on hoof thrush, hoof abscesses and other things that your horse's hooves may need help with.
Keratex works closely with the UK Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure that the products are of the highest quality and workable for each individual need.
At Hogsta Ridsport, you can buy most products from Keratex. Products that are liked by both farriers and grooms around the world.

7 products

Coconut Oil Hoof Balm 400 gr
Frog Power Cleanser mot strålröta 50ml
Hoof Gel 500ml

Hoof Gel - 500ml


Hoof Hardener 250 ml

Professional hoof care from Keratex

Used by farriers and grooms worldwide

Hoof Putty 200 gr

Hoof Putty - 200 gr


Mud Shield Powder 454 gram
Medicated Hoof & Leg Scrub 300ml

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