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Since LUPACO was founded in 2010, they have stood for fashionable, waterproof and breathable outdoor fashion. They love nature and spend a lot of time outside, then you experience many surprises, especially when it comes to the weather, and the right clothing is an important part of this. LUPACO wants the outdoor adventure to be fun and not a wet and frozen journey.
LUPACO has a philosophy that we must be well dressed to brave the wind and weather and of course we also want to look good. A claim that LUPACO still focuses on today and is constantly looking for improvements.
For more than six years, LUPACO has worked with a Dutch agency that meets all their high demands. Not only in terms of design and quality, but also with regard to the sustainability aspects and fair trade that they require.
LUPACO's goal is to motivate people to spend more time in nature. Here we charge the batteries, become down-to-earth and can reflect on the essentials. In addition, we spend time outside with our loved ones without being distracted by modern fast life.
LUPACO Riding is a collection for all riding enthusiasts. As always, the products are waterproof, breathable and designed for a perfect experience in nature.

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Ridkappa Cozy - Svart
Ridkappa Cozy - Dark Green
Riding Coat Cozy - Midnight Blue
Riding Coat Cozy - Molebrown
Skill Pullover - Marin
Skill Pullover - Marin

Skill Pullover - Navy


Skill Pullover - Moon Rock

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