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Quick Knot

Buy you Quick Knot from us at Hogsta Ridsport! 

Quick Knot is the new patented must-have tool for achieving professional competition plaits in a couple of seconds - so no more needle and thread or elastic bands ‐ the clip is as easy to put in, as it is to remove.

With caution, Quick Knod can be reused.

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Quick Knot

Quick Knot - 100 pcs

Hes-tec bv

Quick Knot

Quick Knot - 250 pcs

Hes-tec bv

Quick Knot

Quick Knot XL - 100 pcs

Hes-tec bv

Hes-Tec Quick Knot Deluxe XL - Black
Hes-Tec Quick Knot Deluxe - Black

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