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Here you will find a large selection of Uvex riding helmets and riding gloves. The Uvex riding helmet is extremely light, has a sophisticated ventilation system and high safety rating. The knitted gloves made by Uvex are of absolute highest quality and are made by the more well-known glove manufacturer Schwenkel.
Uvex is a German company that also manufactures helmets and other protective equipment for industry and other sports.

61 products

Perfexxion III Shiny - Mocca
Perfexxion III Shiny - Black
Exxeed Flash - Navy
Exxeed Flash - Black

The safe riding helmets from Uvex are both light and airy

Exxeed Jewel - Navy
Exxeed Jewel - Black
Exxeed Diamond - Navy
Exxeed Diamond - Black
Exxeed Glow - Black/Rose
Exxeed Glow - Navy/Black
Exxeed Glow - Black/Black
Exxeed Pro - Black

Exxeed Pro - Black


Exxeed Mips - Black
Exxeed Shiny Chrome - Navy
Exxeed Shiny Chrome - Mocca
Exxeed Shiny Chrome - Black

Have you tried the riding gloves from Uvex?

They are both comfortable and priceworthy

Riding Glove Vida Planet - Oliv
Grönt val
Ridhandske Sportstyle - Blå
Ridhjälm Perfexxion II Grace - Svart
Ridhjälm Perfexxion II Grace - Marin
Uvex Exxential II Mips - Blå
Bra val - Folksam
Ridhjälm Suxxeed Blaze - Blå
Ridhjälm Suxxeed Blaze - Svart
Ridhjälm Suxxeed Blaze - Burgundy
Uvex Exxential II LED - Svart
Ridhandske Ventraxion - Svart
Tocsen larmknapp för ryttare

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