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The Italian Veredus offers leg protection and care products for horses. Everything from Veredus is of the highest quality and is produced in its own factories in Italy. Veredus has a plan for everything they do, and when research showed that heat could break down the horse's tendons, they came up with their own solution to this problem with TRC Vento, the brushing boots with the advanced ventilation system.
Veredus uses the best materials and the brushing boots are very durable. A good fit is another detail that Veredus has put a lot of energy into. We have brushing boots, tendon guards and boots from Veredus and of course a large part of their care segment, including the bestseller Super Sheen coat shine.
Here at Hogsta Ridsport you can buy Veredus products online or in our store in Hogsta, Drottningholm.

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Veredus Fast Bell Boots
Blue Snow skimmelschampo 500 ml
CArbon Gel Absolute Front - Brun
Olympus Benskydd Fram - Brun
Absolute Elastic Bakbensskydd Svart
Absolute Elastic Bakbensskydd  Vit
Absolute Elastic Frambensskydd Svart
Absolute Elastic Frambensskydd Vit
Spraypump Veredus

Spray Pump - Red


STS Safety-bell Light boots - Svart
STS Safety-bell Light boots -Vit
Veredus Absolute Velcro Brushing Boots - Black

Super Sheen

The bestseller of the Veredus BioCare Line.

Veredus Absolute Velcro Brushing Boots - White
Veredus Absolute Velcro Brushing Boots - Black
Veredus Absolute Velcro Brushing Boots - White
STS Leg protection TRC Vento - Back
TRC Vento Brushing Boots, sheepskin
Veredus Super Sheen 5 liter
Sanix spray mot klåda i man och svans från Veredus Hogsta Ridsport.
Golden Hoof hovfett från Veredus Hogsta Ridsport.
E-Vento XC Event Boots - Rear
E-Vento XC Event Boots - Front
STS Young Jump Vento - Brown
STS Carbon Gel Vento Front - Brown
Young Jump Vento - Brown
STS Pro Wrap-karledsskydd-veredus
STS Pro Wrap-karledsskydd-veredus
STS Young Jump Vento - veredus - bakskydd
STS Carbon Gel Vento - Veredus - senskydd
Young Jump Vento - Black
TRC Vento Brushing Boots, sheepskin
Curium Leather balm

Curium Leather balm



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