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St. Hippolyt

Beta-Carotin Mare-Y-Mix - 3 kg

Beta-Carotin Mare-Y-Mix for breeding horses from St. Hippolyt!

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Beta-Carotin Mare-Y-Mix for breeding horses from St. Hippolyt!

This supplementary feed is made with breeding horses' high need of Beta-Carotin in mind. During the winter months, a deficiency of Beta-Carotin is not unkommon and can lead to fertility problems among both mare and stallions. The deficiency can, for example, lead to delayed ovulation, weak heat, reduced sperm quality and low fertility rate. The need for Beta-Carotin also increases as the embryo develops. 

B-Carotin should therefore be giving to breeding mares and stallions November-April. 

Size: 3 kg. 

Feeding recommendation: 
About 20 g per 100 kg body weight for mares and stallions November to April togheter with the usual feeding.

NOTE! This is not a complete mineral supplement.

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