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St. Hippolyt

Gemüse Kräuter sensi mineralen - 10 kg

Completely grain-free vitamin and mineral supplement that covers the horse's needs. 10 kg
Amount: 10 Kg
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Completely grain-free vitamin and mineral supplement that covers the horse's needs. 10 kg

Gemüse-Kräuter-Sensi-Mineralien contains all the important minerals, trace elements and vitamins that the horse needs, but is completely free of grain, lucerne, soy, linseed and yeast, adapted to horses with a certain type of hypersensitivity.

Gemüse-Kräuter-Sensi-Mineralien is a pelleted supplement that contains fruit fibers and root vegetables as well as herbs for increased palatability. Gemüse-Kräuter-Sensi-Mineralien contains trace elements and vitamins in organic form with high bioavailability in a balanced proportion to each other. Selenium is found in organic form, bound to an amino acid. Vitamins and minerals are, among other things, involved in metabolism and are necessary for the constant cell renewal that takes place in the body.

Gemüse-Kräuter-Sensi-Mineralien is ideal for sensitive horses to ensure mineral and vitamin intake, also during work, pregnancy or lactation. Feed together with roughage and/or pasture as the only mineral supplement or in combination with a lower-strength complementary feed.

Easily absorbable vitamins and minerals that enable the horse to use the supplement optimally.
- Vitamin and mineral supplements for the sensitive horse
- High content of organic trace elements
- Without grains, alfalfa, yeast, soy and linseed

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