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Laminaze pellets - 750 gr

NAF Laminaze is used for horses that are insulin sensitive or are otherwise in the risk group for laminitis.
Amount: 0,75 Kg
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NAF Laminaze is used for horses that are insulin sensitive or are otherwise in the risk group for laminitis.

NAF Laminaze Pellets offer five-star support for horses and ponies that seem to live on air and as a result can be sensitive to grazing and especially seasonal changes, which occur throughout the year.

In the unique formulation of Laminaze Pellets, NAF has preserved the nutritional support of the original Laminaze product, which includes bioavailable sulfur from MSM, essential hoof nutrients and natural antioxidants to combat harmful free radicals.

These benefits have been combined with NAF Five Star BioG, a synergistic blend of prebiotic MOS and FOS, live probiotic yeast and new postbiotic components for broad microbiome support. In addition to BioG, Laminaze Pellets also add edible bentonite clay, inactivated carbon (vegetable carbon), ginger and licorice to further support healthy digestion.

. Given daily to sensitive individuals
. Supports the absence of free radicals
. Supports a healthy metabolism
. Supports a generally healthy intestinal flora
. Supports overall gastrointestinal health
. Use in parallel with or immediately after veterinary medical treatment

When you have a horse that easily gains weight, is sensitive to feed changes and has difficulty coping with grazing.

*Keep track of both abdominal circumference and neck circumference once a week using a weight band
*Maintain as much exercise as possible based on the individual's ability
*If necessary, limit the supply of feed, consider:
Letting the horse out at night and limiting the time on pasture during the day
Grazing reducer for reduced grass intake
Adapted pasture

NAF Laminaze is recommended
- For individuals who are sensitive to grass or pasture changes
- For healthy hoof growth and healthy lamellae
- For a stable and healthy gastrointestinal environment and metabolism
- Parallel to or immediately after veterinary treatment

Feed the targeted supplement before the grass begins to grow. Can also be given all year round for sensitive individuals.
Starting dosage (7-10 days) 50-75 1-1½ measures
Maintenance dosage 25-50 ½-1 measure
Size 750 grams.

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