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Pavo BeChill - 1 liter

Pavo BeChill is a natural feed supplement that helps your horse to be calm in stressful situations. 1 liter
Amount: 1 L
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Pavo BeChill is a natural feed supplement that helps your horse to be calm in stressful situations. 1 liter

BeCill from Pavo is a feed supplement that helps the horse keep calm in stressful situations such as transport, treatment by the vet, dentist, farrier or extreme weather. All of these and some additional occasions can cause a horse to experience stress and have a strong instinct to flee.
How much stress your horse experiences depends on its character, genetics and previous experiences. Sometimes it is inevitable that your horse is exposed to a stressful situation.
Pavo BeChill is an effective and quick way to reduce stress (within 30 minutes 2 hours) and promotes relaxation.

The most important ingredients in Pavo BeChill are lemon balm and magnesium. Lemon balm is a natural ingredient that helps reduce stress because it blocks the breakdown of relaxation messages. This means there are more relaxation messages telling the body to keep the heart and breathing rates normal and the muscles relaxed. Lemon balm is a powerful ingredient as very low amounts already have a large effect on the horse's stress reaction.

Magnesium helps to block the production of stress messages which means the body receives fewer signals telling the horse to increase its heart and breathing rate, start sweating and tense the muscles. In addition, it is proven that the concentration of cortisol (stress hormone) is significantly lower after feeding the horse with magnesium. Magnesium is one of the most well-known substances against stressed and nervous horses.

Characteristics of BeChill

- Gives a stress-relieving effect quickly (30 min-2h)

- Reduces stress without making the horse tired or stiff

- No withdrawl period

- 100% natural


Pavo BeChill is suitable for all types of horses and ponies* and is suitable for various stressful (temporary) situations:

- Transportation

- Treatment by a veterinarian, dentist or farrier

- When clipping 

- Competition

- The first time you practice new parts

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