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Eclipse Cordless Cutting Machine

Eclipse is a battery-powered cutting machine for horses from Lister/Wahl.

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Eclipse is a battery-powered cutting machine for horses from Lister/Wahl.

The cutting machine Eclipse is a powerful cutting machine that is best suited for cutting the entire horse's body. Eclipse is powered by lithium batteries, which means this trimmer is cordless. The battery has 130 minutes of run time, and has 130 minutes of charging. The package includes the charging station.

The blade for Wahl's clipper Eclipse is called A2F/AC Fine and has a length of 1.4 m. The grooved back side of the blade provides an excellent sliding property, resulting in an even and fine result. The blade of the Eclipse has a self-cleaning function that removes hair during use to prevent the cut hair from blocking the blades. When the insert has done its job, it is easy to change to another thanks to the smart tension system.

The Eclipse battery-powered mower from Lister is powered by a robust DC motor with 2,500 RPM for fast and efficient mowing. It is very durable thanks to the brushless motor. Should the motor stop, it is protected by an overload switch. You then reset the machine by removing and inserting the battery.

This trimmer weighs only 845g, which is extremely light for a clipper best suited for full body trimming!

Tips! Brush clean and oil the cutting blade regularly while cutting (about every 10 minutes), and the cutting blade will last longer before it is time for sharpening.

Cut: A2F/AC Fine
Blade width: 75 mm
Cutting length: 1.4 mm
Motor: Brushless DC Motor 2,500 revolutions per min.
Operating voltage: 12 V
Driving time: 130 min
Charging time: 130 min
Dimensions: 214 x 60.5 x 78 mm
Weight: 845 g

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