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Trimmer Admire

Admire from Wahl is a tiny trimmer that fits perfect to trim the horse´s face or legs with.

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Admire from Wahl is a tiny trimmer that fits perfect to trim the horse´s face or legs with.

The clipper Admirer is a trimmer of the lighter, smaller and quieter model, which makes it both easy to clip the more sensitive horse, or to access the smaller parts of the horse's body, such as at the hooves or on the face. Admire is powered by a lithium battery, which means this trimmer is cordless. The battery has 120 minutes of driving time, and only 80 minutes of quick charging. The package includes the charging station for the battery.

The blade for Wahl's clipper Admire is called the 5IN1 Magic Blade and is a diamond grounded, stainless metal blade made in Germany that you can easily adjust the length of as desired. The package also includes a small brush to keep the blade as clean as possible. When the blade has done its job, it is easy to change to another as Adelar offers a Quick Change System.

Admire has a constant speed control to get a smooth ride and constant power regardless of battery charge or coat type. The motor is a powerful 5,300 RPM DC motor.

Tips! Brush clean and oil the cutting blade regularly while cutting (about every 10 minutes), and the cutting blade will last longer before it is time for sharpening.

Cut: 5IN1 Magic Blade
Blade width: 46mm
Cutting length: 0.7/1.4/1.8/2.5/3 mm
Motor: DC Motor 5,300 RPM.
Operating voltage: 100-240 V
Running time: 120 min
Charging time: 80 min
Dimensions: 178 x 48 x 50 mm
Weight: 270g

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