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Horsena Gel Chain Guard - Black

Horsena gel chain Guard in the colour black.

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Horsena gel chain Guard in the colour black.

Horsena's flexible gel chain guard provides effective protection against pressure and chafing caused by the curb chain on the bit. Horsena Gel Chin Guard protects against irritation and damage through its soft pressure equalizing material. The special "dotted" back that lies against the horse's skin provides better comfort, increased blood circulation and a pleasant massage effect. The elastic and shock-absorbing gel helps to reduce the pressure from the curb chain which is also evenly distributed. Gel Chain is designed to hold the chain correctly in place, avoiding chain twisting and rings overlapping.
Horsena Gel Chin is ideal for horses with sensitive skin or sensitive to pressure. The curb chain guard to be cleaned under running water.
Store dry and away from direct heat sources.

Follow the instructions on the package to apply the gel chain protector to the chain.
Colour: Black.
One size

All gel products from Horsena are made of Thermoplastic Gel. Thermoplastic Gel is used in medical products because it is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, antibacterial and easy to wash. Manufacturing takes place in Italy

Thermoplasic Gel is:
- shock absorbing
- distributes and relieves shock/pressure
- elastic
- retains its shape
- 100% recyclable