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Neue Schule

Transformer Weymouth - 5 cm

Neue Schule Transformer weymouth with 5 cm shanks
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Neue Schule Transformer weymouth with 5 cm shanks
Neue Schule Transformer weymouth bit fits well to the horses who are restless in the mouth, have a small place in the mouth or tries to pull the tounge back. Thanks to Transformer weymoths shape with the 45° backward inclined angles, the horse´s tounge is affected in another way then a classic weymoth. The slightly bent shape and the thickness on this weymouth means that it takes the absolute smallest possible place in the horse´s mouth.

Thickness: 12 mm
Length: 120
Shank length: 5 cm

All the bits and weymouths from Neue Schules is made of the patented material NS Salox Gold. The characteristics of the material Salox Gold is among others that it´s heated faster than many other materials, is soft and easy, which gives it a good experience for the horse and contributed to reduced wear and tear of the horse´s teeth. Nickel Free