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In equestrian sports, bridles are one of the most important tools for uniting riders and horses. And when it comes down to headstallsleather qualitydesign and fit are very important. A beautiful quality bridle lasts for many yearsBut it is of course very important that the bridle should be the right size and fit the horse. 

Hogsta Ridsports' range of bridles, double bridles and halters is of a really high qualitywith Otto Schumacher, Döbert and Dÿon at the helmAnd as a very affordable alternative, you will find both bridles and double bridles from Schockemöhle Sport. 

With us at Hogstayou can also design your own headstalls from Otto Schumacher. Come to us in the store, squeeze and feel what we have in stock. Choose between modelsleather color and padding and then finish with the most fun, the browbandWe have several suggestions in place but also a palette with every conceivable color in Swarovski crystals or pearls that can be ordered in one color or mixed wildly. If you want to know more about how to design your main team, contact us in the store. 

We also have a large assortment of halters in both leathertextilerope and even halters in beautiful sheepskin. 

Here with us at Hogsta Ridsport, you will find carefully selected headstalls for your horse, in several price ranges. Buy your headstall online or visit our equestrian shop on Drottningholm where we have everything in equestrian sports for both you and your horse. 

We are more than happy to help you if you have questions or concerns about which equipment for fly protection you should choose for your horse. You are most welcome to visit our equestrian sports shop on Drottningholm or email us at info@hogstaridsport.com or give us a call on +46 8 759 05 07. 

We look forward to hear from you! 


416 products

Augusta Flughuva - Marin/Beige
Träns OS Venedig - Brun/Capri Blue

Venedig bridle - Brown/Capri Blue

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Rundsytt kandar OS FG - Choklad - Shading

Roundsewn Double Bridle München - Chocolate

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Flughuva Vit Strass
Leeds Flughuva - Svart/Guld
Pannband OS XL Svart Army DeLite

Browband OS XL - Army DeLite

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Pannband OS XL Pavé - Svart - Crystal

Browband OS XL Pavé - Black- Crystal

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Pannband OS XL Pavé - Brun - GS

Pannband OS XL Pavé - Brown- GS

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Träns OS Comfort XS - Blå Glitter Piping

Bridle OS Comfort XS - Blue Glitter Piping

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Träns OS Black Line - Svart/Vit

Bridle OS Black Line - Black/White

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Träns OS Black Line - Svart - Jet/S N

Bridle OS Black Line - Black- Jet/S N

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Träns OS Comfort XS - Grön Glitter Piping

Bridle OS Comfort XS - Green Glitter Piping

Sattlerei otto Schumacher


Wonderful headstalls!

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Träns OS Bellevue svart - 4-färg

Bridle OS Bellevue Black- Grey/Black

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Dyon Working gramantygel
Round Sewn Double Bridle - Black
Dyón Bridle

Dyón Bridle



Ride without a bite?

Then a biteless bridle from Dýon can be a good alternative.

Hunter Reins - Rubber Inside - Black
Bitless bridle - Black
Round Sewn Bridle - Black
Leather Reins RS 13 mm - Chocolate

Leather Reins RS 13 mm - Chocolate

Sattlerei Otto Schumacher

Hackamoreträns brunt Lippo
Huntertygel - Gummerad Insida - Svart
Flat Rain With Hooks - Black
Flat Rein With Buckles - Black
Flat Rein With Hooks - Brown
Flat Rein With Buckles - Brown
Reins Stop With Hooks - Black
Reins Stop With Buckles - Black
Rein Stop With Hooks - Brown
Reins Stop With Buckles - Brown

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