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Alcantara Leather 5 Sw DC - Navy

The riding helmet Shadowmatt 5 Swarowski from Samshield has a simple but stylish and luxurious design.
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The riding helmet Shadowmatt 5 Swarowski from Samshield has a simple but stylish and luxurious design.

Just like Samshield's other models, stylish design is mixed with high comfort and safety. Shadowmatt 5 Swarowski has a matte surface with five tastefully placed Swarowsky crystals at the front.

Shadowmatt 5 Swarowski is available in the colors black, brown and navy and this riding helmet has a dressage cut where the neck piece is narrower to make room with the hair set below.
The Shadowmatt 5 Swarovski riding helmet is also available in classic cut where the neck portion goes further down the neck.

The outer shell of Samshield helmets is of material polycarbonate which is so strong and provides such a high protection that it is also used in the manufacture of motorcycle helmets. The inner shell is made of Polystyrene, which gives a better shock absorption ability in case of fall. The Samshield riding helmets are also equipped with a unique "airflow system" that makes the helmets cool without compromising on appearance or safety.

For the most optimal fit, the riding helmets are available in small, medium and large sizes and can be combined with different insert, liners, which are adapted to the head size and head shape. There are two different types of inserts and these are made of memory foam which helps to keep the riding helmet stable for several years when the material does not lose its shape. The insert is attached with a very strong click system, which makes it possible to remove and wash again and again without losing its attached ability.

The size of the liner is adapted to the size of the shell, see the table below.

Small: 51,52,53,54,55S
Medium: 55M, 56,57,58M
Large: 58L, 59,60,61

The riding helmets from Samshield are available in a number of different designs and you can also make your own design here.
At Hogsta Ridsport you will find a number of copies but thanks to a good stock at the supplier, delivery times can be kept short.

VG1 01,040 and EN1384-17 certified.
If you want to know more about Samshield's safety standard, you can find it here.

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