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Vaska Detergent

Vaska detergent to wash blankets gently without zeolites and bleach. 4,5 kg
Amount: 4,5 Kg
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Vaska detergent to wash blankets gently without zeolites and bleach. 4,5 kg
Vaska is a detergent from Kastanj by Ocean, a Swedish manufacturer that works with products that are gentle on the environment. The Vaska detergent is free of unnecessary additives, cleans effectively without damaging colour and textiles. In addition, Vaska is gentle on you and your animal since it is free of zeolites, which are a very common filling ingredient in detergents (a clay that wears on textiles and often leaves behind particles that creates scratches and seem irritating). Vaska is also free of bleach, which also contributes to gentle washing.

- Gentle and effective detergent for textiles
- Free from zeolites
- Free from bleach


Dosage: 1 rug approx. 0,5dl Full machine approx. 6kg 1dl dosage can be increased slightly for very hard water or decreased slightly for soft water.

List of ingrediense: Sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, sodium silicate, laureth-7, sodium acrylic acid, ma copolymer sodium, palmitate aqua peg cellulose gum sodium, chloride cellulose kaolin sodium, glycogate subtilisin, CI 77891, magnesium sulfate, dextrin lipase sodium thiosulphate, calcium carbonate, sodium citrate, sucrose amylase mannanase