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EA Mattes

Half pad without edge PMS - Black

Half pad in the softest sheepskin from EA Mattes.

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  • TOP Retailer Europe 2022
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Half pad in the softest sheepskin from EA Mattes.

The sheepskin pad is used to distribute pressure and relieve the horse's back. EA Mattes half pads can be used directly against the horse's back or between the saddle and saddle pad.

This particular half pad has no edge, which means that you usually go down in size so that the pad does not get too far behind the saddle.

We have the half pad from Mattes in a dressage model with the latest innovation "Saddle Fix System", which means that it has holes in the front to attach the straps from the saddle pad, so it has no straps of its own. There is also an associated strap for Saddle Fix System which is sold separately if you want even more freedom for the spine.

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