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Hoof thrush

If the horse gets hoof thrush, it is due to a bacterium and / or fungal infection in the hoof's horn layer. A common sign of hoof thrush is black foul-smelling secretions in the region of the frog. One of the most common causes of hoof thrush is poor hoof hygiene combined with wet surfaces. To solve the problem, the horse's environment needs to be clean and dry and all infected tissue removed. Here we have collected different products to help you and your horse get rid of the hoof thrush.

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Biofarmab Thrush Magic

Thrush Magic


Hoof Solution

Hoof Solution

Kevin Bacon

Hooflex Frog & Sole Care
Hoof Lab Hoof Hardener

Problems with radiation rot?

For example, try our new "Frog Power Cleanser" from Keratex high-quality hoof care series

Hippofix wound wash - 200 ml

Hippofix wound wash - 200 ml

Aspen Horse/Pavo

Leovet FrogAde Intensivvård



FrogMedic - 200 ml

FrogMedic - 200 ml


Frog Power Cleanser mot strålröta 50ml
Medicated Hoof & Leg Scrub 300ml

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