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Cirkulation Leg Wraps 2-pack - 12,5 cm - Bl

Black cirkulation leg wraps from Incrediwear Equine!

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Black cirkulation leg wraps from Incrediwear Equine!
The cirkulation leg wraps from Incrediwear have a nice fit and are created to increase the recovery time and improve the performance and cirkulation in the horse's legs. The leg wraps are used without padding when riding as the cirkulation technique in the leg wraps is based on a technique with negative ions. 

The cirkulation wraps can also be used as cooling bandages or for recovery after an injury. 

The cirkulation leg wraps comes with several benefits, uncluding reducing swelling, inflammation, soreness and muscle fatigue. At the same time they increase blood cirkulation and lymphatic drainage and speed up the recovery time. 

For cooling effect - Soak the cirkulating leg wraps in water for immediate cooling. The effect lasts for 45 minutes - 1 hour and is used to reduce swelling. For more effective cooling warm water can be used - put the leg wraps in warm water for 2 minutes, squeeze out the excess water and wait a minute until the wraps has cooled down a bit before putting them on.

Available in 2 sizes, 9 cm for pony and 12,5 cm for horse.
Are sold in 2-pack.

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