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EA Mattes

Half Pad SJ PMS - Black

Half pad in lambskin from the well-known brand EA Mattes.
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Half pad in lambskin from the well-known brand EA Mattes.
The half pad from EA Mattes increases the comfort for your horse through good pressure distribution, reduced friction and good temperature regulation. This half pad is anatomically designed, adapted for jumping saddles.

This half pad for horses features EA Mattes SPINEFREE® function, a function that leaves the horse's spine free from pressure through a channel along the spine, the technique focuses on maximum comfort and relief for the horse's back.

The lambskin pad features EA Matte's "PM System" which is two holes at the front of the half pad that allows you to attach the straps on the saddle pad to the saddle. This half pad does not have any straps of its own. If you want to attach the half pad to the saddle you can use EA Matte's "Saddle Fix System".

Color: Black with black lambskin

Please note! The black lambskin loses color when it comes into contact with the sweaty horse.

- The wool in EA Matte's lambskin products has an open structure that allows air to circulate, balancing out temperature differences and prevents heat building up, making EA Matte's products ideal both for summer and winter use.

- EA Matte's lambskin products feature high absorbency, the wool absorbs up to eight times its own weight in moisture before it feels damp.

- Lambskin gives good pressure distribution properties which increases comfort and reduces discomfort for the horse, the specific structure in EA Matte's lambskin products allows the horse’s muscles to continue to develop.

- The wool fibers glide smoothly against the coat, preventing any rubbing or chafing.

- EA Matte's lambskin products last for many years with the right maintenance, the tanning process used on the products is specially designed to make them washable. Follow the advice below.

Washing instructions
You can wash you lambskin products from EA Mattes in a washing machine, use the delicate wash program at 30° together with the brand’s own detergent MELP, especially designed for lambskin. Avoid using softeners and detergents other than those suitable for lambskin. The lambskin half pads from EA Mattes last best if they are washed often. 

Tumble dry cold or max 30°, alternatively dry out in the shade (avoid direct sunlight).

For lighter cleaning, brush lightly with the rough side on a kitchen sponge, avoid using a brush as it will ruin the material.