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Hay nets & Hay bags

Hogsta Ridsport has a wide range of hen nets and hay bags. Everything from the traditional hen nets with small meshes to make your horse eat more slowly to stable, spacious hay bags in heavier materials. The hay bags are also suitable for storing your horse stuff for both everyday and competition. Don´t miss our own hay bags in nice bright colors with Hogsta Ridsports logo on the side!

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Equality Line Höpåse - Marin
Equality Line Höpåse - Svart
Hönät utan knutar 5 cm maskor Shire
Hönät utan knutar 4 cm maskor Shire

When you handle straw food, it is sometimes easier with hay bags and hay nets.

Hönät utan knutar 2,5 cm maskor Shire

Hay bag

Blue Hors

Digitalvåg för hängande vägning
Hö-/stallkasse - Hogsta - Marin
Hö-/stallkasse - Hogsta - Svart
Fine mesh hay net L
Hay bag Krafft - Navy

The hay bag can be used for a lot!

Food-Laundry bag-Blanket storage-Carrier bag and much more.

Hay Net Greedy Feeder
3-pack hay bag

3-pack hay bag




Orka Horse

Höpåse/stallpåse HG

Hay bag HG - Red

Horse Guard

Hay Net Greedy Feeder
Three Horses hay/stable bag.

Hay bag HG - Black

Horse Guard

Three-Horses Slowfeeding Hönät

SlowFeeding hay net

Horse Guard

Fine mesh hay net S

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