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Regardless of what you need to store in the stable, good storage options is a must!
To keep track of your things in the stable is important especially concidering that many stables are chared between several equestrians and horse owners, to then be able to hang upp and storage things will favour all parts. Good storaging is in need both at home in the stable but also while being away on competition, in that way finding the right things at the right time wont be an issue.

Vi offer several different storage solutions that you can use both at home and on competition, among our assortment you will find grooming boxes, feed storage boxes and bridle bags, everything to help you stay organized in the stable.

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Wall Bag for Competition 35x70 - Navy
Tävlingsväska - Marin
Rug Hanger Retro Line

Rug Hanger Retro Line

Stubbs England

Lid to feed bin - Red
Lid to feed bin - Grey
Lid to feed bin - Blue
Lid to feed bin - Green
Lid to feed bin - Black
Rectangular feed bin - Red
Rectangular feed bin - Grey
Rectangular feed bin - Blue
Rectangular feed bin - Green
Rectangular feed bin - Black
Tävlingsväska - Svart
Stable Tack Box

Stable Tack Box


Kentucky Tränsväska Large

Bridle bag size Large


Holder Slim Stable Organizer - Navy
Holder Slim stable organizer - Black
Show Grooming box Cover
Kentucky ryktlåda

Tack Box


Show grooming box

Show grooming box


Wall-mounted accessories holder - Black
Sorteringsbox 55l

Feed storage bin - 55l

Hansbo Sport

Förvaringsbox 34l

Feed storage bin - 34l

Hansbo Sport

Accessories bag - Black
Wall-mounted accessories holder - Navy

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