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Horse clippers

The horse gets its thick winter coat during the cold season to protect itself from both cold and precipitation. However, many horse owners choose to cut their horse because it becomes more alert and willing to work because it does not get as warm at work without its thick winter fur. Another advantage of cutting your horse is that it is easier to keep clean and dries faster after work. Remember that you as the owner are responsible for keeping your horse warm and dry through extra feed and blankets after you have cut your horse.

In order for the result to be as good as possible and for the machine to do its job in the best way, keep in mind that the horse must be properly clean and dry before cutting. Brush off loose hair and keep the clipper as clean as possible throughout cutting. Dirt and hair that accumulates in the engine can cause an engine failure. Oil the cut approximately every 10 minutes with a few drops of oil on all contact surfaces and in the holes on top of the clipper blade if there are any. Lack of lubrication results in poorer cutting results, can cause overheating and cause unnecessary wear. Remember to clean the clipper thoroughly after cutting.

Buy your clipper and/or accessories for it online or visit our equestrian shop on Drottningholm where we have everything in equestrian sports for both you and your horse.

We are happy to help you if you have questions or concerns about how and when you should cut your horse. You are most welcome to visit our equestrian sports shop on Drottningholm or email us at info@hogstaridsport.com or give us a call on +46 8759 05 07.

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