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Maria Hilli

Maria Hilli works part-time here at Hogsta Ridsport with customer service in the physical store as well as order handling and customer service in the web shop but has an extra responsibility for freight handling. 
Maria has worked with horses in Finland, Germany and now in Sweden, mostly with dressage horses but also jumping horses and eventing horses. Right now, Maria runs her business here at Hogsta Ridanläggning, where she has a boarding stable with about 10 horses. Maria has her own horse after Fürsenball - Diamond Hit, who is 5 years old, but Maria also rides and educates others' young horses. 
Then we must not forget Oscar, our mason who takes care of his job to welcome customers in the store. A happy Jack Russel gentleman in his best days.

Oscar and Siri, Lussan's dog who also usually work a little extra here in the store ;) 

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